Nano War 2

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Nano War 2


07/13/2011 : 0.5M plays in 2 weeks.


Every humans own billons of nanoscopic cells.
Some of these cells are doomed to protect our organism and fight foreign organisms.
Even confined to smaller and unlikely places the war is present.

Welcome on Nano War 2...


The goal of Nano War 2 is quite simple: annilihate your opponents. You are the blue cells and you have to capture the others cells to win. You can increase, capture and develop new cells to beat your ennemies.
With the new gameplay and the new cells (rock, paper, scissors system) you have to find the best strategy on every situations.

Special features

  • Solo mode
  • 25 levels, play against 1, 2 or 3 computers.
  • Upgrade your cells
  • 3 difficulty level
  • Multiplayer mode play against 1, 2 or 3 players.
  • 21 Achivements
  • Skirmish mode
  • The White blood cell: Increase your cells and capture opponent's cells.
  • The Fat cell: Protect your cells or infect opponent's cells
  • The Antibody cell: The most powerfull cell, increase your production or capture opponent's cells and units instantly.
  • Languages can be added and updated after the release with an online translator tool. 
  • ...


  • Located in France, Paris
  • On a dedicated server
  • With fiber optics network
  • PHP + MYSQL for registration and login
  • Open Source Socket XML in Python
  • MySQL Database : users, maps, stats
  • The server can be pluged with an external database.
  • I'm totally able to modify the server set up or to relocate the server.


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